Na PalapalaiのStraight From Hawaiiと歌詞

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Nā Palapalai “Straight from Hawai’i


アルバム「Back to the Patch」に収録。

歌詞はコチラ。作詞、作曲はLani Sang。

“Straight From Hawaii To You” lyrics

I’ll weave a lei, a beautiful lei for you
To greet you the Hawaiian way
Straight from Hawaii to you

I’ll take my heart and blend it into this lei
My message of flowers to you
Aloha wau ia oe

Just vision, lazy days beside the seas
‘Neath the swaying coco trees
They are woven just for you

And now I give, with heavenly bliss this lei
To you with a warm gentle kiss
Straight from Hawaii to you


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