Howard AiのMoonlight and Shadowsと歌詞

Howard Ai “Moonlight and Shadows



作詞作曲はLeo Robin & Frederick Hollander。1936年に書かれた曲でしょうか。

“Moonlight And Shadows” lyrics

Low golden moon
Blue tropic skies
Night winds that sound like lovers sighs
Two hearts in tune
Two shining eyes
Lighting my way to Paradise

Moonlight and shadows
And you in my arms
And a melody in the bamboo tree,
My sweet

Even in shadows
I feel no alarms
While you hold me tight in the jungle night,

My sweet

Close to my heart you always will be
Never, never, never to part from me

Moonlight and shadows
And you in my arms
I belong to you, you belong to me
My sweet

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