Steve & TeresaのCatching A Waveと歌詞

Steve and Teresa “Catching A Wave


テレサはもちろんTeresa Brightですね。
スティーブはSteve Jonesでしょうか?
Steve Maiiでした。

アルバム「The Steve & Teresa Collection」に収録。


“Catching A Wave” Lyrics

I’m catching a wave, feeling the freedom flowing over me,

Makes me feel so free,

And doing a dance, making sweet romance with an ocean lady love,

Blue skies above,

Well, my heart is here to stay and my soul is on his way,

He’s riding high on the wave like he’s touching the skies, rushing to the shore,

And it’s like i’m flying into space, following an ancient race that gone before

Cause island tradewinds blow, I know where i’m going

I just got a notion, going surfing in the ocean

That’s where I’d like to be…

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