Hoku Zuttermeisterが歌うShores of Hale`iwaと歌詞

Hoku Zuttermeister “Shores of Hale’iwa


映像はPakele Liveでしょうか?
BassがIoane Burnsですかね。

アルバム「`Aina Kupuna」に収録。

クレジットはWilliam Harbottleです。

“Shores of Haleiwa” Lyrics

As the surf booms on the shore of Hale`iwa
While my heart beats for the one
I truly adore

At night I lie awake and dream of you, my love
For they say that dreams sometimes
They really do come true

While standing on the seashore
Listening to the rolling surf
Oh, how I wish that I could be sure
That you still love me so

Someday we`ll meet again in Hale`iwa
And you and I will roam the shores
Once more

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