Hui AlohaのSteal Awayと歌詞

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Hui Aloha “Steal Away


アルバム「Hui Aloha」に収録。

Hui AlohaのメンバーはGeorge Kuo、Dennis Kamakahi、Martin Pahinuiらです。

歌詞はYouTubeから。ありがたいことにDennis KamakahiのC Mauna Loa Tuning (C–G–E–G–A–E)と、George KuoのC Wahine Tuning (C–G–D–G–B–D)と、スラッキーチューニングが紹介されていますね。

“Steal Away” Lyrics

1. Steal away,
In the dark of the night,
Staying out of sight,
In the shadow of love,
Baby, holding you tight forever.

Steal away,
Never leave you alone,
I’ll be coming home,
Nevermore to wander,
Nevermore to roam,
Never ever…

CHORUS: Don’t look so sad,
This time the love is here to stay,
Just remember me in the darkness of the night,
That conceals the love that I intend to steal away.

2. Steal away,
Just the thought of you,
In the center of my mind,
Keeps me always hoping,
That you’ll be mine forever.

Steal away,
The desire for you,
Dwells deep inside,
And keeps me aware,
That the ties that bind could sever.


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