Ka`au Crater BoysのTropical Hawaiian Dayと歌詞


Kaau Crater Boys “Tropical Hawaiian Day


Hot Hawaiian Nightsのライブ映像ですね。

アルバム「Tropical Hawaiian Day」に収録。

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【2019/6/14 追記】
“Tropical Hawaiian Day”の歌詞を和訳しましたので、ぜひご覧下さい。

“Tropical Hawaiian Day” lyrics

Mountains roll down, to the sea,
I wish that you were here with me.
The waves are breaking along the shore
It`s not the same without you no more

Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa


Watch the sun lift off the sea,
Cast a shadow off a tree.
Soon the surfers will catch the wave,
The beach will fill with local babes.


Up above the clear blue sky,
The tourist cars come driving by.
Wind surfers across the bay,
Just a tropical Hawaiian day.


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