Makaha Sons of Ni`ihauの`Uwehe `Ami and Slide 歌詞とコード

Makaha Sons Of Ni`ihau live
Kuka’ilimoku Village, Curly Shuffle, ‘Uwehe ‘Ami And Slide



アルバム「Makaha Bash 3 – Live at the Shell」に収録。

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上の動画も、アルバムどおり”Kuka`ilimoku Village”、”Curley Shuffle”、”`Uwehe `Ami and Slide”のメドレーみたいですね。


“Kuka’ilimoku Village/Curly Shuffle/’Uwehe ‘Ami and Slide” Lyrics

I took a blast from the past to remind me what’s behind me, I know where I got to be.

In the valley, not the alley; in the sand, not the can;
looking where the water still runs deep

With the onipa’a, anapa’a, ku like kakou, only place to be. With the onipa’a
anapa’a ku like kakou, keia mana’o o butterfly free. So if you’re ever
in the district I hope you won’t restrict it, won’t you please drop down and see,
all the brownies getting down and they’re doing it all naturally.

Ua ‘ike au i ka ho’omaluna, Kuka’ilimoku, o ka pa, reaches out across the sea.
Ho’i mai kou kakou ‘aina, ho’i mai kou kakou pohaku, ho’i mai, return to me.

Singing me and the boys, Moon, John, and Jerome, stay up late and watch the late picture
show. Say Moe, say Moe. Singing yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk. (Wo, wo, wo, wo)
Say, when you get a chance, you’re doing the dance called the Curly Shuffle. (repeat)

Uwehe ‘Ami and Slide. ‘Uwehe ‘Ami and Slide. ‘Uwehe ‘Ami and Slide. ‘Uwehe ‘Ami
and Slide. Whoa—wh–oa–oa–oa–oa–oa.

I say you ku’i to the left and then you ku’i to the right, ka holo in the middle you can do it
all night . Let’s go around the island with your hands on your hips, doing the hoochie

koochie, snapping your fingertips. Sophisticated hula maidens they do it too, they do
a little ‘Ami and ku, ku, ku. (Repeat)

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