KapenaのKalena Koo 歌詞とコード

Kapena “Kalena Koo


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“Kalena Koo” Lyrics

Funny faces as you try to walk to me
My little girl, you mean so much to me
Big brown eyes, candy smile, and four front teeth
My little girl, you mean so much to me

Everybody needs a certain someone in their life
And I’ve got you
Everybody needs a little sunshine in their life
And I’ve got you, Kalena Koo

In your eyes, visualize so much peace
Wonder what you’re thinking about when you look at me
You’re barely talking, and your walking right at me
Mischief making baby girl you are so sweet

Little angels coming down to put you to sleep
Rest your little eyes, God bless you and your soul to keep
When youre sleeping, you must be dreaming of dreams so sweet
Little angels playing with you on a peppermint street

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