Hawaiian Style BandのHeiauと歌詞

Hawaiian Style Band “Heiau



アルバム「Rhythm of the Ocean」に収録。


“Heiau” lyrics

Father can you hear me now
I’m just one voice in the wind
Where the lava meets the sea
Chills run up and down my spine
There’s a vision in my mind
Of some place that’s been before me

Heiau Heiau
Lava stone sacred ground
Heiau Heiau
earth and sky rain and sun

Mother let your tears fall down
As I watch them hit the ground
The sound seems to be calling me
Children born within these walls
Your life upon the earth
A symbol of the soul within us all

Heiau Heiau
Earth and sun rain comes
Heiau Heiau
Lava stone sacred ground


E malama i ka Heiau
Malama pono i ka Heiau
Made from lava stone

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