Makaha SonsのRusty Old Steampipesと歌詞

Makaha Sons of Ni`ihau “Rusty Old Steampipes


KAPA Radioでよく流れていますね。

アルバム「Makaha Bash 3 – Live at the Shell」に収録されています。

Israel Kamakawiwo’oleの「Unforgettable」にも入ってますね。

歌詞はTropical Storm Hawaii(※リンク切れ)から。

Makaha Sons of Ni`ihauの”Rusty Old Steampipes”と歌詞の和訳をアップしました。興味のある方はぜひご覧下さい。

“Rusty Old Steam Pipes” Lyrics

Rusty old steampipes banging away,
letting me know it’s another day
in hell, in a cell

He did wrong and he agrees,
so punish him with humanity
for he`s a human, he`s not a dog

Show him a picture or give him an answer that will help him.
He wants to free his body,
He wants to free his mind.
He`s been in prison too long. . . .here`s his song.

23 hours in a lifeless cell.
Day after day it`s the same old hell.
Who knows why – I`d like to know.
I wish I knew the answer for this,
To release his soul from captivity.
Oh lord, hear his plea.

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