Na LeoのDo The Hula、歌詞とAureana Tseuのフラ

Na Leo Pilimehana sings “Do The Hula” on the Beach
with Miss Hawaii USA Aureana Tseu


Na Leoが浜辺で”Do The Hula”を歌っています。後ろで踊っているのはAureana Tseuだそうです。

“Do The Hula”は、アルバム「E Hula Mai Kakou」に収録されています。

作詞、作曲はDon McDiarmidとなっています。

“Do The Hula”の歌詞を和訳しました。興味がある方はぜひご覧下さい。

“Do the Hula” Lyrics

Do the hula
If there’s anything you’d like to say, it’s the only way
That you’ll find that a trip around the island is fun, when you’ve once begun
Talk about the moon above so high
Talk about the humunuku swimming on by
Talk about the boys all hurrying back
To the little brown gal in the little grass shack

So hula
If you like to whisper I love you
That’s the thing to do
Picking flowers gets them all the time
In that tropical clime

When you walk on the silvery sands
You never have to talk, just use your hands
Go into your dance, oh yeah,

So do the hula
Along the road to romance

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