Kawika Kahiapoが歌うEo Ku Kiai Maunaと歌詞

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Kawika Kahiapo “Eo Ku Kia`i Mauna


コンピレーションアルバム「Kūhaʻo Maunakea」にはKulaiwi名義で”Eo Ku Kiai Mauna”が収録されています。


“EŌ KŪ KIA‘I MAUNA” lyrics

Our people hear the call come one and all
As we unite on the mountain
For the powers that be manifest their greed
And desecrate our motherland

We stand in Kapu Aloha
Hand in hand we make a stand
Kupuna Warriors lay their lives on the line
Eō Kū Kia‘i Mauna

People from far and wide
Join with our Stride
And stand with us in unity
Solidarity for all the world to see
Truth will prevail and set us free


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