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Makana “Nectarine



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“Nectarine” lyrics

I saw you the other day at the grocery store
Mmmm you were oh so ripe

I went to pick you up when you fell on the floor
Then I felt the softness of your skin make my spirit

Anything else just wouldn’t do
Bananas, papayas and mangoes too
A kiss on your navel brings me close to you
I press you to my lips

Ooh Ya La La La La

Last night I went to the kitchen for a midnight snack
There were cupcakes and candies and treats that
could give you a heart attack

But none of them have the curvaceousness of your
sweet style
I wanna stroke you just for a little while (a little while)

You’re just what I need to ease my hunger
But something so perfect makes me wonder
Under the surface, could there be trouble
Guess I won’t know till I take a bite

Ooh Ya La La La La

Sugar let’s take a little walk down a country road
Wanna rub you on my shirt gonna take off all the
dirt (and the chemicals)

There’s a natural attraction and the satis of my
faction for a skin that glows

And the woman of my dreams got me tearin’ at the
seams for her bubbly prose

Come in, sit down, stay for a while
Slip into something and crack me a smile

Just hold me close, don’t make no noise
Show me your suitcase full of your toys

Eat from my hand, suck on my toes
Show me the side of you nobody knows

I’ll take you inside
Sing you a ballad
You’ll be so stoked you’ll be tossed in my salad

Nectarine, Nectarine
Naughty intentions from beneath
Her juicy flesh took up my seed
And now a thousand mouths to feed

Ooh Ya La La La La



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