Na LeoのCandle in the Nightと歌詞

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Na Leo Pilimehana “Candle in the Night



収録アルバムは「Friends」ですが廃盤の為、代わりにベストアルバム「Anthology 1984-1996」をご紹介。

他にもベスト盤「Na Leo (25th Anniversary Collection)」にも入っていますね。

“Candle in the Night” lyrics

It’s so nice to be with you
Though you never were alone
It’s so nice to see your smile
Whenever things just seemed so wrong
When i’m near you all my troubles seem
To fade and dissapear
And for a while i see my dreams come shining through
It’s so nice to make beleive
You and I are so in love
I awaken every morning holding you in my arms
When you’re near me all my days just seem
To hurry by so soon
And for a while I dreamt I’d spend my life loving you

I’ll burn a candle in the night
And hope that soon it’s flickering light
Will guide you here to me
And I’ll keep the fire burning strong
Hope it won’t take too long
For you to come to me
It’s so nice to think of you
Every night and every day
How you brighten every moment
By the things you do and say
When I’m near you nothing else would seem
To matter anymore
And for a while I dream you’re running back home to me
Hope it won’t take too long..for you to come to me
Hope it won’t take too long..for you to come to….
Come to me


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