Robi KahakalauのGod Bless the Foolと歌詞

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Robi Kahakalau “God Bless the Fool


アルバム「Sistah Robi」に収録。

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作者はJude Johnston。

“God Bless the Fool” lyrics

I used to go to sleep wondering
Afraid to ask
What made you offer me the one thing
I thought I’d never have
Now, there’s a promise around my Finger
And all I can say is
God bless the fool who let you get away

God bless the fool, God bless the fool
Who let the walls come tumbling down
God bless the fool, God bless the fool
I’ve got you now, I’ve got you now

And when we’re lying in the darkness
An angel sings
Baby, I’ve had my share of hard times
But I never earned these wings

Repeat Chorus:

If love should break the spell
And wake me from this dream
I’m not afraid to tell
Afraid to come clean

‘Cause there’s a fine line between what happened
And what’s meant to be
God bless the fool
Who gave it all to me


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