Robi Kahakalauが歌うHoliday Hulaと歌詞

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Robi Kahakalau “Holiday Hula


2010年12月、Border’s Ward Centreでのライブ映像です。

1954年、R. Alex Andersonが書いた曲。

アルバム「Island Christmas With Sistah Robi」に収録。

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“Holiday Hula” lyrics

Holiday hula
I’m in the mood for paper hats, whistles and noise
From your singing lips to your swinging hips
Tell the story of holiday joys

Holiday hula
Now is the time for music all over the house
Lift our voice and sing let the music ring
Everybody let-a go your blouse

Can you make a motion like a shooting star
A big makani might do
Swing around a circle but don’t go too far
So I can swing along with you

Holiday hula
Do it again and over again hana hou
You can stamp your feet but hold onto your seat
While we holo holo kaa let’s go!


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