Loyal GarnerのMama…I Love Youと歌詞

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Loyal Garner “Mama…I Love You


ベストアルバム「Best of Loyal Garner」に収録。

歌詞はコチラ。リンク先では曲名が”Mama, My Mama”となっていますね。

“Mama, My Mama” lyrics

She stares at the pictures
Of a lifetime of memories
Could she had known when we were grown
That the child who made her sad
Would be the one to make her glad.
Well it’s me Ma, and I’m here to tell you
Before time steals you from me.
Wish I could change the suffering and pain.
But I guess I always knew
That my best friend was you.

Mama, my mama, I love you
Mama, my mama, I love you
Don’t you cry no more, dry your eyes for sure.
Mama, my mama, I love you
And do you remember when you first held me
And wished the world upon me
Now it’s my turn to hold you close to me
I can see it in your eyes how the years have driven by.

(repeat chorus)

Why do we wait so late, so late
Before we see the truth.
And it’s only when we have our own
That we can understand our youth.
As we gather, we’ll share the stories
Of a lifetime of mem’ries
Then we will know you made it so
All the laughter out of tears
And the courage out of fears.

(repeat chorus)

*Mama, my mama – Mama, my mama
Mama, my mama, I love you!


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