Ka`au Crater Boysが歌うSurfと歌詞

Ka’au Crater Boys “Surf



Hot Hawaiian Nightsの映像ですね。

アルバム「Valley Style」に収録。

【2020/10/2 追記】
リクエストにお応えして、Ka`au Crater Boysの”Surf”と歌詞の和訳をアップしました。興味がある方はぜひご覧下さい。

“Surf” lyrics

Surf is the only way I say
To make music with the ocean day by day
I surf all day play music all night
And I just can’t wait till the morning light to go
Surf wooowooowah ooh
Surf everybody go surfwooo wooo wah ooh
Surf, Surf
I check all the island breaks I know
But the place I go is the Kaiser Bowl
I surf with the guys from the Kaiser Surf Crew
Daddy Mooch, Bob and Dennis too we all
Wamiea, Sunset, Pipeline Haleiwa, Velzy Land
Bomburas, Rock Piles, Ala Moana and the Kaiser Bowl
Everybody go
Once you learn all the radical moves
I know it will put you in the groove
Go off the lip and in the tube
If I can do it so can you. So go
Surf will never ever die
Cause the feeling makes me fly so high
My love for surf is very strong
So the ocean is where I belong. We go

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