PaloloのIsland Paradiseと歌詞

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Palolo “Island Paradise





Fragrant island paradise sings to me
Fill me with a passion of your restless sea
Magic island moonlight hear my prayer
Send my love a sweet kiss thru the soft night air

Frangrant island paradise sets me free
Caress me with your music enchanting melodies
Tradewinds seems to whisper of soft island love
I seem to hear aloha from the stars above

When I find myself drifting away
Caught up in time day after day
My aching heart cries out for you

Frangrant island paradise won’t you stay with me
Dancing in my memory like a lonely dream
I could never leave you now
You hold me with a song
Frangrant island paradise
You’re where I belong
Frangrant island paradise
You’re where I belong


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