Don Hoが歌うSweet Someoneと歌詞


Don Ho and Sam Kapu “Sweet Someone


The Brady Bunch(ゆかいなブレディー家)というドラマのワンシーンでしょうか?

ベストアルバム「Greatest Hits」に収録。

Don Ho - Greatest Hits / Don Ho / CD ( Music )

Reprise / Wea( 1990-10-25 )

定価: ( 中古価格 ¥ 1,299 より )

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オリジナル・アルバムだと「Hawaiian Favorites」になるんでしょうか。

Hawaiian Favorites / Don Ho / CD ( Music )

Bci / Eclipse Music( 2000-04-10 )

定価: ( 中古価格 ¥ 1,299 より )


“Sweet Someone” Lyrics

Sweet someone
Whoever you may be
Sweet someone
You suit me to a tee

Although you pay no attention
To me at all
One look and needless to mention
I had to fall

How I wonder
Who’s keeping us apart
Don’t blunder
And give away your heart

Until you whisper ‘I love you’
And then you’ll know
Sweet someone
That you belong to me