Ledward KaapanaらによるKalapana Hawai`iと歌詞

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Ledward Kaapana & Rhoda Kekona “Kalapana Hawaii


動画はAina Haina Shopping Centerのオープニングセレモニーでの映像です。

Ledward Kaapanaのアルバムでは見つからなかったので、今回はKahuaのアルバム「Mali`o e」をご紹介。


“Kalapana Hawaii” Lyrics

The road at one time was gravel and cinder
If hungry you could go to any house for dinner
All homes were open then for people in need
We despise them that show selfishness and greed

Coconuts are split in half for the pigs
Beat the husk and wait for the break of twigs
They roam the place and move very slow
For who’s going to bother them
They’ll squeal and we’ll know

Kalapana is an area so quiet and serene
Where families never use the word “mean”
Togetherness is practiced both day and night
Kaimu to us is a beautiful sight

Pahoa is a town ‘bout 13 miles away
Most families go there especially on payday
Produce is measured by pounds and not by kilo
Just continue on, and you’ll end up in Hilo

(Repeat Chorus and out)


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