Pau HanaのFade Awayと歌詞

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Pau Hana “Fade Away


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“Fade Away” Lyrics

sitting here
so many thoughts on my mind
lost in my feelings trying to find
special words, something to say,
to tell you i love you
in my own special way.

would you sail with me
to an island of love?
we can lay there on the beach
count the stars up above.
would you stay with me forever, everyday?
cause without you in my life
the days just fade away
fade away
fade away

Verse 2
so long, love has played me a fool
left me broken hearted
what was i supposed to do?
now here i am
trying to start again,
i know that we could be lovers.
for so long we’ve just been friends.

repeat verse 2

those days just fade away
don’t fade away
won’t you stay.


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