Pacific DubのSoarと歌詞

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Pacific Dub “Soar


アルバム「Fire Eye」に収録。

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“Soar” Lyrics

Mary Jane
You’re always on my mind
Come running all the time

There’s something about this studio that makes me feel at home
And there’s something about this herbal shit that chills me to the bone
With a mic and a guitar, yeah we tearing up this place
Hear that fucking drum beat as we turning up the bass
All the thoughts up in my head I forget them in a minute
Now my brain’s going dead and I know I’m so up in it
So sit back and mellow out, I think that I could hit it
Kick reality out and let the dream set in it

Mary Jane
You’re always on my mind
Come running all the time

Come run through your brain all the sounds you are hearing
Shock waves they multiply flowing from ear to ear and
All thoughts of fighting physically come to a quick end
The reggae music sweeps your senses running through your head
The peace of mind it provides leaves you hanging on
Just like that spliff between your lips that you are ripping on
From here on out just scream and shout like you are wanting more
Then take a hit, let it sit, and let your body soar

I want to feel my body soar


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