Daniel HoのCup of Joeと歌詞

Daniel Ho “Cup of Joe


アルバム「Simple as a Sunrise」に収録。


“Cup of Joe” Lyrics

This is how the story goes
It happened this way a year ago
Kickin’ around the east side of town
Just me, solo
Enter stage right, cappuccino in hand
The princess of my fairytale
Had to find a way to be her man
Someway, somehow

I wanna be your cup of joe
The first sip in the mornin’
Your get-you-going ritual
And warm your soul from within
Let me be your cup of joe
That first sip in the mornin’
Baby, take me as I am
And through your veins I’ll be flowin’

Her hair, so long, the tower, so high
A lonely tree against a black sky
Shards of my shattered heart
Still shine with hope
Puppy dog close: you can try me on
And if you’re not happy, then I’ll be gone
Have a drink of your double cafe mocha with soy
It’s getting cold
Funny how the story ends
We tried to get along as friends
Guess it wasn’t meant to be
Noway, nohow
Done in from the moment we met
Ever after you & me
On lucky stars we made our bet
So happily
I wanna keep you warm in the morning
Then I’ll keep you up all night
Take me any way you want me
Any way you want
I’ll be your comfort
I’ll be the one that keeps you goin’ on & on
I wanna be, I wanna be
Let me be the one
Come on and drink me in
Let me be the one who loves you
Somethin’s brewin’… it’s our love
Our love, our love
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be

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