Bobby Inganoのスチールギターで聴くHula Bluesと歌詞


Bobby Ingano with Da Ukulele Boyz and George Kahumoku Jr.
Hula Blues


The Slack Key Showでのライブパフォーマンス。

アルバム「Steel Reflections」に収録。

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作詞はSonny Cunha、作曲はJohn Avery Noble。

“Hula Blues” Lyrics

‘Neath swaying palm trees
Warm friendly sea breeze
Where you hear the mellow steel guitars
Moaning sweetly under tropic stars

Fair land of flowers
And golden showers
Where the hula girlies sing and sway

On their ukuleles hear them play

Oh, oh, oh those loving Hula Blues
Tell me have you heard those loving Hula Blues
You can’t imagine what you’re feeling blue about
You simply glide and take a slide and
You want to shout
You wiggle, you giggle,
You wiggle to the Hula Blues

【2015/3/13 追記】
お待たせしました、“Hula Blues”の歌詞を和訳しました


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