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Kimie’ “Crazy



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“Crazy” Lyrics

Every day is like a new battle with you
I can’t help it but try to make you lose.
Every time I fall you pick me up where did I go wrong?
You show my weaknesses, you’re making me strong
but you make me crazy…

*You make me crazy, You drive me wild, You’re hot like fire, can you cool me down? You take my feelings and you mix them around. you can push me to the ground but you can’t keep me down.

I want it all or nothing at all, you say we’re too young.
I sacrifice my youth in lots of ways just to stay in love.
From your point of view its you and me simply
but from my point of view you’re making me crazy…


So how far are you willing to go for me?
Cuz I already walked 500 miles just for you to see.
So tell me are you ready,
stop playing games,
tell me you feel the same,
I hate to love you and love to hate you…


I know the things I say can hurt you,
but remember that you do the same thing too
I just wanna be with you
And make our love brand new
So let me start by saying I’m sorry…
but you’re making me crazy!




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