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Nesian N.I.N.E. “You Baby



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“You Baby” Lyrics

Verse 1
I can only recall
When you stay up late waitin till I return back home and
I can only recall
All those lonely nights when I just left you in the house alone

Chorus 1
cause I didn’t mean to make you feel so small girl and
I didn’t mean to try and hurt you at all
I just need this time to try and make things right for you
Can’t beleive that I just pushed you aside

Chorus 2
When it’s you baby
who taught me how to fly baby
only questions why baby pushed you right aside
and it’s me baby
who said we’ll never fight baby
didn’t mean to lie baby
please give me one more try

Verse 2
Just think about the oppurtunities and makin um
[- From: -]
couldn’t see I was too blind to try and work things out
and even when I try to tell you that you are the one
tears start fallin and I can’t beleive just what I’ve done

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Night after night I can’t sleep can’t eat no
Never thought that this would be so over for me
You know my love is unconditional no matter what the season
Baby hopefully that we can come back to the reason
We fell in love for the first time
I’m with you for the long ride
Understand that everything I do I do for you
I could never find myself another one
That loves me just the way you love me baby
You drive me crazy
(Come back to me)

Chorus 2


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