Keola & Kapono BeamerのOnly Good Times

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Keola and Kapono Beamer “Only Good Times


アルバム「Honolulu City Lights」に収録。

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“Only Good Times” Lyrics

We were friends who rode the waves
Time we spent in our younger days
Was all in fun, Oh the good times that we had.
We were young and it was fine
To feel your spirit as it climbs
There’s no regrets, only good times.
We were friends in younger days
Although we went our separate ways
You were my friend, you never turned away

Who can say what life will do,
Life is kind to just a few
There’s no regrets, only good times.
In time we will grow, we will change
As free as the wind and the waves
Live your life the way you choose
Find the ones who laughed with you
Like the sea, will find it’s way to shore
As the sun sinks from the sky
Live your life and you will find
Theres no regrets, only good times


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