Oliver KellyのSurround Me With Loveと歌詞

Oliver Kelly “Surround Me With Love



オリジナルはCharly Mcclain?

Oliver Kellyのアルバムが見つからなかったので、代わりにHalau Hula Olanaのアルバム「Halau Hula Olana」をご紹介。

“Surround Me With Love” lyrics

Sometimes when life’s poison arrows shoot me to the ground
Dreams come fallin’ down, friends just can’t be found
I don’t worry, I don’t wonder, I know what to do
I don’t go crazy, I just go for you

Surround me with love, I need you beside me
I want you to hold and hide me
When this world is closin’ in on me
Surround me with love, oh and I can make it
Whatever comes, you know I can take it
Just as long as you surround me with love

Who can say what comes tomorrow, what the future holds
What lies down the road, heaven only knows
But one thing I know for certain, one thing that’s true
One thing I’m sure of is I need you


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