KianiのWhy Can’t I Get Over Youと歌詞

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Kiani “Why Can’t I Get Over You




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“Why Can’t I Get Over You” Lyrics

Ohhh, nah (4x)
No, no mmm yeah

You used to be my best friend,
my baby, my lover
One that I could never keep
Now I’m finding that you’re seen
with another
Really believed every word that
you said you would never
Now that the ties that we’ve had
has been severed
Baby, I should’ve really been clever

Give me the reason why
Why can’t I get over you, finding it
when I
so hard to do
Knowing that you’ve moved on too
I spend so many sleepless nights
tossing and turning, why
Do I make it hard to try

I should’ve made the first move
when I saw it coming

I felt something was wrong
my heart was running
[ From: ]
Yet I still gave you the benefit
of the doubt
I gave you everything I had
still you left me
Heard you telling everyone that
you possessed me
Made me really find out what this
love was about


Only a fool would give up this
beautiful experience with her
Dumb enough to walk away from
love that she shared
Thought he would get over until he
got soberand realized the things that he did to her
(I could never) bring myself to
break her heart
(I could never) keep this love
And never ever part
(And forever) I will always treasure
this alone
No worry yourself, she will get
blessings from above

Chorus (2x)



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