Peter Moon BandのFar Too Wide For Me 歌詞とコード

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Peter Moon Band “Far Too Wide For Me


アルバム「Cane Fire」に収録。

リンク先には「Honolulu On My Mind」というサブタイトルが付いていますね。

“Far Too Wide For Me” Lyrics

I sit somewhere along the bay, and stare at islands far away.

Their gray and misty outlines, appear way out to sea. But clouds

are never what they seem, and far off winds dissolve my dreams, I

do believe this ocean, is far too wide for me…..With Honolulu

on my mind, and someone there I left behind. I wish that there

were someway, to walk across the sea. It seems to me I always lose.

When fighting any home-sick blues. I do believe this ocean is

far too wide for me…..I wish I could be watching, those blue

waters flow, as the tradewinds blow, all the clouds away. And you

would be there, sweet and lovely, by my side, as the sea birds glide,

as the palm trees sway…..But there is little I can do, except to

dream when I’m feeling blue. It seems that there are some things

that are not meant to be. As I get up, I feel the chill. What this

place needs is getting used to still. I do believe this ocean, is

far too wide for me.



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