PohakuのI Love Youと歌詞

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Pohaku “I Love You


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以前のエントリで、同じくジャワイアンな雰囲気のMana’o Companyの“I love you”を紹介していますが、どちらも暑い季節にぴったりな感じ。


“I Love You” Lyrics

Oooh ooooh oooh oooh….. (4x)

Did I ever tell you…
(I love yooouu….)
And all my thoughts about you…
(Feel soo truue….) (2x)

Always on my mind…thoughts of you keep running through my head
Ooh nah nah nah nah yeeaah…

You said you love upon me reden
(oh lah..)
Said you upon me day…
You rock upon me with expression
(oh yeaah)
You can rock me anyway

The type of lovah from up wants to be your queen the kind of girl that nevah show you what she means she gives you love the type of love you never had the kind of girl that never wants to make you mad cause your love is not bettah than my love and my love is not bettah then yoouurr.. love (yeeaahhh)

Ooooh oooh ooooh oooh oooh…….(5x)



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