Mana’o CompanyのSweet Reggae Womanと歌詞

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Mana’o Company “Sweet Reggae Woman


アルバム「Spread a Little Aloha」に収録されていますが、amazonにはありませんね。

代わりにコンピレーションアルバムの「Reggae in Paradise 2」をご紹介。


“Sweet Reggae Woman” Lyrics

Sweet reggae woman always on my mind
When ever you come around, you lookin’ so fine
Sweet reggae woman please give me one chance
Whenever I see you skankin’, I just want to dance….with you

Long time I’ve been watching you girl
Girl you lookin’ so fine, think about that
Long time I’ve been watching you girl
Girl you lookin’ so nice, think about that
I swear I never saw someone as beautiful as you
And the way you make me feel is all brand new
I can’t imagine loving anyone else girl but you
If you ever leave my heart will break in two


You say that you’re much too busy
Girl give me a minute, think about that
I’ll be right here waiting here for you
Ready to love you down, think about that
There’s just one thing I really got to let you know my love
My heart is just too soft for you to hurt

Love only you girl, yes I do girl
And you know its true girl, and if you do too girl
Just follow me and we can have some fun
Under the sun and make you my number one
Sweet like candy, your love is so tasty



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