Kainani KahaunaeleのStanding in the Rainと歌詞

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Kainani Kahaunaele “Standing in the Rain



アルバム「`Ohai `Ula」に収録。

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詩と曲はFrancois Kahaleです。

“Standing in the Rain” Lyrics

Should I scold you, tease you, let me squeeze you?

Hold me please me say you need me

Why should you be standing in the rain?

In the twilight tonight hold me real tight

Don’t say goodbye whisper goodnight

I won’t leave you standing in the rain

Hold tight whisper softly

Tell me what it feels like when you’re all alone

All night little darling my arms will be the place you call home

Your eyes tell me something

Something that you never let me know before

Outside it’s been pouring

Why don’t you step inside and close the door?


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