KeahiwaiのMy Best Friendと歌詞

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Keahiwai “My Best Friend


アルバム「Local Girls」に収録。

歌詞は公式サイトから。作詞・作曲はLei Melket。

“My Best Friend” Lyrics

1st verse:
Sometimes we’ve got angels watching over us
Every minute of the day
And sometimes they send down a special friend
Who will walk with you through the rain

And when I feel the world is against me
You’re the one I call to help me spread my wings
So in return my dear friend
It’s for you this song I sing

Just call on me whenever you need a shoulder to cry on
I will never leave you lonely
And ‘til the end, oh I promise you you’ll always be
My best friend

2nd verse:
I know I can do all the things I want
With the love and support you bring
And I know, that I’ll never have to be afraid
You encourage me to live my dreams

Though I know that life is full of change
My feelings will always be the same
You’ll always hold a place in my heart
Even if, we’re apart



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