KalapanaのLost Againと歌詞

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Kalapana “Lost Again


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“Lost Again” lyrics

Funny day, feel like I’m north, south, east, west
side ways, lay on my bed thru breakfast
feel so starnge, feeling so apathetic,
Its such a strain so much to do and I feel lost again
yes i’m lost a friend yes i’m lost again, lost again
will you be my friend

greet the day, sleepy eyes and we can, can’t get away
how ‘bout we take the chance and run away
and get lost again, we can run away, run away,
what do you say?

We can’t accomodate the world today
lines are drawn along the way
how far can I step over?
well its seems so long i’ve tried and tried
it only makes more things to hide
I know i’m getting much older

oohooh tomorrow, (tomorrow)
pick up the tracks I’m leaving
oh hellooo ooh, back on earth again
it was sweet to take such a short vacation
where is the heat
i just got back from being lost again
yes i’m lost a friend
yes i’m lost again, yes i’m lost my friend
yeah i’m lost again, yes i’m lost, what does it cost?


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