Ehukaiが歌うMolokai Slideと歌詞

Ehukai “Molokai Slide


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おすすめはTaimane Gardnerのウクレレバージョン。
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“Moloka’i Slide” lyrics

I like the sand spreading out to the sea, I like the tropical moon and the lazy
palm trees, I like to listen to my heart, there¹s no place I’d rather be

I like the people, I like the way they smile, I like the feeling of you on this
paradise isle, I like the cool island gecko, man this is where I wanna be

Take me back. Back to da kine. Take me back. Back to da kine
All over, mo` betta, Moloka’i I will return


I like the gecko singing in the night, I like to do the dance they do to the
Moloka’i Slide, When the sun comes up shining, always mo` betta da kine

I like to hula, I think it¹s really good, woman I don’t understand the words,
but in time, I think I could, if I just had the time, oh if I just had the time

I say a won’t you come along, we’ll have a lu’au by the sea
We¹ll cook a little pig and all the coconuts are free
And what you see is what you get. In a little grass shack
I know you’re gonna like it and I hope that you come back

I like the fishes swimming round in the sea, I like to hop ‘um on the grill,
and cook ‘um up for me, with a big pan of butter, man it can’t get
better than this

I like the chicken, we hop ‘um on the grill, man it hurts to eat the raw fish
and eat up all the spills. Oh well, oh yeah. It¹s just a luau by the sea.


All over. Mo betta, Moloka`i I will return


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