Keli’i Kaneali’iのI Love Kaua’iと歌詞

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Kelii Kanealii and Chino Montero “I Love Kauai


横浜のLei Haleで行われたライブパフォーマンスだそうです。

Keli’i Kaneali’iのアルバム「Kaua’i」に収録。

歌詞はMountain Apple Companyのサイト(※リンク切れ)から。

“I Love Kaua’i” Lyrics

If you’re ever on the north side of the Garden Isle,
It’s hot but it’s beautiful you’ll see
Take a walk along the beach
Go down the road to `Anini
A place you know you’ll never want to leave
Peaceful `Anini

Further down the road to Kilauea
Stands a lighthouse by the sea
Tütükäne he lived there
He worked hard throughout the years
You know I never knew my tütü man
Tütü caretaker of the land

I love Kaua’i
Where the mokihana grows
I love Kaua`i
The beauty of the waterfalls
I love this island
Kaua`i my home

Right below the mountain of Kalalea
Anahola is the place to be
Mälama `Äina
You can feel the ocean breeze
Where we are living
Healani the boys and me
Our home down by the sea
I love Kaua`i
Where the maile lau li`i grows

I love Kaua`i
And the `ono külolo
I love this island
Kaua`i my home


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