Fijiが歌うSweet Darling ライブ動画と歌詞

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Fiji “Sweet Darling


たまにKAPA Radioで流れていますね。

オリジナルアルバム「Born & Raised」他、ベスト盤に収録。


“Sweet Darling” Lyrics

We’ve been together awhile
And I don’t mean to cramp your style
Sometimes I wonder just how things happen this way
And I’m just reminiscing of that wonderful night we first met
You pick me up every morning
And I just
I never thought that a girl could love a man this much
I am overwhelmed and baby I just can’t thank you enough

And I’m wondering oh! sweet darling
What did I do to deserve you
What did I say to make your angel eyes turn my way
If only I had the world I’d give it all to you babe

Now I’m about to leave for the road
I’ll take you with me in my heart
And I really pray the Lord my soul to keep
And baby just one request, keep me in your (care/dreams)


Fiji “Sweet Darling”



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