Justin YoungのOrange Blue Skyと歌詞

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Justin Young “Orange Blue Sky


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“Orange Blue Sky” Lyrics

Seven suns have gone down
Since I saw you last
You know I’ve kept this to myself
But I’ve been living in the past
I’d watch it fall in flames
And wondered if you were doing the same

Now I’m driving towards and orange-blue sky
And I’m hoping to get back to you by tonight
The colors fill both my eyes
And the orange-blue sky is more beautiful today
Because this time this sky is on my way
To you, back to you
Seven moons have been shown
I’m hoping that I’ve the last
‘cause without you there’s no glow
Just a single lonely shadow cast
I’d watch it rise in pain
And wondered if you were doing the same


We’ll stand in the same frame
And we’ll share this canvas for the rest of our days
In my memories
Your colors are divine
But they pale to the picture that you paint
In real life…



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