Robi KahakalauのFireladyと歌詞

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Robi Kahakalau “Firelady


こちらの動画は、解説を見る限りQueen Liliuokalani(クイーン・リリウオカラニ)の特集のようです。
「Hawaii’s Last Queen」とありますね。

Sistah Robiの”Firelady”は、アルバム「Keiki o ka `Aina」に収録されています。

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【2014/4/12 追記】

“Firelady” Lyrics

There’s an island, green and pretty
Turned grey with concrete city
By ‘missionaires’
Who ‘reaped’ the land a long time ago
A country generated
By men who think they made it
Who trembles when
Sweet Pele lets it flow

Flow over concrete that would hide the sun
Flow into the heart and soul of time
Return our paradise and glory
To children who are yours and who are mine

They came to save the land
From innocence we had
A Queen imprisoned
When the wealth of ‘cane was known
Kilauea chants a tune
Oranage sparkles light the moon
And from within
Sweet Pele lets it flow

Flow over concrete…

Mai Kahiki ka wahine a Pele
Mai ka ‘aina i Polapola
Mai ka punohu’ula a Kane
Mai ka ao lapalapa i ka lani
Mai ka ‘opua lapa i Kahiki
Lapaku i Hawai’i ka wahine a’o Pele
Hi’iaka no’eau, he akua
Ku a’e hele, a noho i ka hale o Pele
Huahua’i Kahiki, lapa uila, e Pele
E hua’i e!

There’s an island, green and pretty…


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