Na LeoのChalangalang Bluesと歌詞

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Na Leo Pilimehana “Chalangalang Blues


“Chalangalang Blues”が収録されているオリジナルアルバムは「Local Boys」。

値段が高めなので、ベスト盤「Anthology I 1984-1996」の方がおすすめ。

歌詞はTropical Storm Hawaii(※リンク切れ)から。

“Chalangalang Blues” Lyrics

I was walkin’ down the street just the other day
Just walkin’ and hopin’ for the news
As I passed the street corner boys they told me who was who
We all joined in and sang, Chalangalang Blues

And we say . . .
Pluck that uke, play that tune
Let’s all sing Chalangalang Blues
Come on . . . Chalangalang Blues
Don’t be shy, give it a try Chalangalang Blues are gonna get you high

In Hawai`i music’s made in many ways (oh yeah)
And it really doesn’t matter what style you choose
From the slack key to the reggae
Hawaiian’s jam it to
So sing along with me, Chalangalang Blues


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