Paula FugaのLilikoiと歌詞

Paula Fuga live “Lilikoi


動画の解説にはthe Mana Maoli Benefitのコンサートとあります。
Candy Diaz, Jack Johnson, Guy Cruz, John Cruz, & Seann Carolという錚々たるメンバーによる”Lilikoi”です。




“Lilikoi” Lyrics

Sweet and sour like a lilikoi oh my joy
Like smoke rising from the fire taling me higher

I’ll never love again
The way that i loved you my friend
I know I put it all on you
Let your thoughts determine how i feel about me too
But now i lnow i must be one within
Before i create my own kin
I must be strong I must rely on the father
An independent daughter needs a strong courageous mother

Oh and now i know
i see the light it’s clear to me now
oh and now i know


Ina mamake au e hopu i ka i’a
Pono e malama i ka lo’i
E piha ana i ka loko i’a
Hiki no ke koho me ke pono

oh and now i know
I see the light its clear to me now
Oh i maopopo

(whistling solo)


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