Cecilio & KaponoのLife’s Different Now 歌詞とコード


Cecilio and Kapono “Life’s Different Now


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アルバム「Lifetime Party – Vol 2」に収録。

Lifetime Party 2 / Cecilio & Kapono / CD ( Music )

Kapa Kuiki( 2007-10-11 )

定価: ( 中古価格 ¥ 3,921 より )



“Life’s Different Now” Lyrics

The bright moonlight on her pretty face
brings out the love i’ve never known
I like the way she makes me smile
Now all my time is now worth while
Oh Girrrrl…

Now I can’t say i’ll be the same
I’ve never known no other way
Life’s different now, she showed me how to understand
Whats in a man
Oh Girl

Reapeat last verse…