Keahiwai “Push


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“Push” Lyrics

I don’t wanna push I don’t wanna beg but I don’t wanna see you walk away
What can I do to make you see what a love like yours would mean
I don’t wanna wait just another day to see if you could love me that way
Oh baby boy just say you do, love me like I, I love you

1st verse:
I don’t know if friends could ever do what lovers do
Or if there’s a line not to be crossed
I haven’t had a crush in oh so long could this be wrong
You’re in my mind and in my heart

Ooh, could this be true, that I would fall so hard for you
I just gotta know if you could feel the same thing too


2nd verse:
My heart breaks whenever you’re not there but do you care
If I’m ‘round or if I’m not
Am I wishing for a hopeless dream it may seem
That you’re just fine with what we’ve got