Dennis PavaoのGod Bless My Daddy Momと歌詞

Dennis Pavao “God Bless Daddy / Mom


KAPA Radioでもよく流れている、有名なトラディショナルソングです。

アルバム「Wale No」に収録。

Wale No / Dennis Pavao / CD ( Music )

Pilialoha( 1997-05-20 )

定価: ( 中古価格 ¥ 2,525 より )

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Tropical Storm Hawaii(※リンク切れ)にコードがあるのでウクレレでも弾けそうです。

【2016/5/27 追記】
“God Bless My Daddy”の歌詞を日本語に訳しました。よろしければご覧下さい。


“God Bless My Daddy/Mom” Lyrics

Every night as shadows fall
Little toys now put away
A curly head, beside a bed
Knelt down and started to pray

God bless by daddy
Who’s over there
Says a tiny little boy
In his tiny little prayer

Please tell my daddy
He must take care
Says a tiny little boy
In his tiny little prayer

When the sandman is near
Mommie turns out the light
Oh! how I wish he were here
So he could kiss me goodnight

I hope in dream land
We’ll meet somewhere
Says a tiny little boy
In his tiny little prayer



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