Kapenaが歌うI am A Queenと歌詞

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Lilo DeLima of Kapena “I Am A Queen


Hot Hawaiian Nightsでのライブパフォーマンスです。

シングル曲では、Lilo of Kapena feat Jah Maoliとなっていますね。

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“I am A Queen” lyrics

I am a queen
And you will respect me
I will not stay, while you say all those things of me
Yes, I am a queen
It’s time that you finally see
you will regret what you did to me
I am a queen
And you can’t resist me
Everything we had, boy you know youll be missing me
Cause I am a queen
It’s time that you finally see you will regret what you did to me.

Verse 1:
First, let me clear up everything
I’m only going to say this once
So no, I didn’t do the things that you all accused me of
Before you start to talk to me and you start defending make sure those hands of yours are clean
Cause you don’t know who you are messing with, I am the one yes I am the queen

Verse 2:
Now, let me break this down for you
I’m not done so please listen up
I said I’m sorry for how I dealt with you and how I brought another close
But now I am above you all cause I would never sink that low to go and hurt somebody’s soul. You will see who I will be, I will succeed yes I am the queen.

I know I did things to hurt you babe,
But what you did, I will never forgive
So stop coming back, cause I’m done with that
I’m moving on

No need to analyze everything that you see just realize all the things in life that you need. Another one with a conscious mentality that’s how the love lasts long time a guarantee. Caught up in the moment, it’s called a routine. Still gotta focus no need to be obscene cause its about the empress and what she needs. Cant stop, because you are the queen.


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