Bruddah WaltahのChurch In An Old Hawaiian Townと歌詞


Bruddah Waltah “Church In An Old Hawaiian Town


アルバム「Hawaiian Reggae」に収録。

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曲のクレジットはJohn Nobleとなっています。

【2017/8/11 追記】
Da `Ukulele Boyzの”Church In An Old Hawaiian Town”と歌詞の和訳をアップしました。興味がある方はぜひご覧下さい。

“Church In An Old Hawaiian Town” Lyrics

In a little village church
In an old Hawaiian town
That’s when I met the girl of my dreams

When the organ played a song
And the choir sang along
It was just like heaven to me

And when the preacher said, “Amen”
I took her by the arms and then
Down the aisle we strolled together

That’s when I found my happiness
With the girl that God had blessed
In that church in an old Hawaiian town
Yes, in that church, in an old Hawaiian town


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